Past Exhibitions


William Ishmael and Friends
Eric Dahlin and Lee Kavalajian

The Professors of Sacramento City College
What I Did Over Summer Vacation
Cindy Wilson and Bruce Leavitt
Women's Intuition

Gary Dinnen and Jay Welden

Linda Heath Clark and Laura Hanke

Emerson: Year One    Drawings by hilary Von Joo



Guns and Dolls
Paintings by Patricia Altschul, Mixed Media by Ann Mueller

The Artists Arcana

Paintings by Bruce Leavitt
Dean Thomas Memorial Retrospective
Paintings by Laureen Landau  Sculpture by Cindy Wilson
Ro Sham Bo
Collage by Maureen Hood   Mosaics by Wesley Horn
Mixed Media by Sean Royal   Paintings by Margarita Chaplinska
Prints by Mel Ramos   Sculpture by Eric Dahlin
Portraits of Women Artists by Kurt Edward Fishback


The Box It Came In
Maria Winkler, Robert Androvich and Julie Didion

D.L. Thomas and Tazio Childress Tazio Childress
Patricia Altschul Moses and Wayne Jiang
Kurt Edward Fishback and Martin Christian

Robin Leddy-Giustina and Richard Feese
Greetings from Dunsmuir!
Laurie Winthers & Cindy Wilson
Leta Ramos, Maija Peeples-Bright, & Mariellen Layne
Marie Therese-Brown & Shenny Cruces
Maureen Hood & Eric Dahlin

Small Treasures
Sean Royal & John Stuart Berger
The Artists are in the Room

Paintings by Phyllis Cottrell, Prints by Emily Elders
30 Artists, 30 Years
 A Celebration
Paintings by Robin Guistina and Marianne Bland
Paintings by Tim Collom, Mosaics by Mariellen Layne
Paintings by Robert Pengelly

The Last Collaboration of Laureen Landau
Paintings by David Lobenberg, Art Glass by J.C. Strote
Family Game Night • Paintings by Maria Winkler and Sculpture by Eric Dahlin


Small Treasures 25th Anniversary
Reason to Rhyme
Paintings by D.L.Thomas and Sculpture by Marilyn Kuksht
A Nod to the Steam Punk Works by Sean Royal, Gregorio de Masi, Bob Androvich and Mark Johnson
Fantastic Fish Fred Gordon
Right Here in River City Paintings by Tim Collom, David Post, David Lobenberg and Kathleen Stock
The Dog Days of Summer
Paintings by Ron Breeden, Ceramics by Gary Dinnen and Paula Wenzl Bellacera
Vintage and New Prints by Mel Ramos
New Prints by Emily Elders

Gone Fishin'
Paintings and Ceramics by Maija Peeples-Bright

I Fall to Pieces
Collage by Maureen Hood
Mosaics by Mariellen Layne

SoCal vs. NorCal Ceramics by Gary Dinnen, Paintings by Phyllis Cottrell
Pet Project
Ceramics by Paula Wenzl Bellacera, Paintings by Robin Leddy Giustina
Ocean Memories
Paintings by Laurie Winthers, Ceramics by Eric Dahlin
New Mixed Media Drawings
by Corey Okada
Don't Drink and Draw f
eaturing A. Taggart
Laureen Landau Ignored Omens

Mama Always Said
D.L. Thomas L.H.O.O.Q.
Laureen Landau The Land Park Series
Old Wine, New Bottle

Exquisite Corpse
In Memoriam
Gone Fishin'
My Vintage Closet by Emily Elders

Mementos and Economia by Corey Okada
My Side of the Street by Lucas Himovitz
Let Me Call You Sweet-hART
bury it deep.
drawings by corey okada
Paintings, Prints and Drawings by Judy Kennedy
Art of the Cycle
Re-Engaged: New Works and Memorable Missteps of Ed Goldman
DON'T COME TO THIS SHOW - new works by andrew taggart
"Rolling on the River" - Portraits of our River City
"Line, Shape, Color, Earth & Air" - Landscape Inspired Abstractions
- New work by Laureen Landau
"Problem Child" - New Works by Robert Bowen
Bangles, Baubles and Beads
Where Soul Meets Body - New Works by Janet Aly and Carey Shaw
New Works by Emily Elders
Jane Goldman - The Art of Her Life
Art of the Cycle
The Pool Show
The Artist's Arcana